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  Body of Queensbridge Houses' Yesely Sanchez,

 was recovered after she went missing on New Year’s night

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LIC Queens Water May be Contaminated with Carcinogens. See CB1 Video

President Biden Appoints Alicka Ampry-Samuel HUD Regional Administrator, Region 2

BinaxNOW Covid test printed instructions hard to read? Watch video

Get Free TWC/Spectrum/Charter Internet -See THIS

Scammers are creating fake COVID-19 test kit sites to steal personal data



All unresolved complaints, re heat, intercoms, vermin etc. must be resubmitted to our new NYC Councillor Julie Won who is on these NYC Council Committees:

CONTRACTS, Julie Won is Chair

julie won
When requested by tenants, an apartment building must “be equipped with automatic self-closing and self-locking doors,” and all such doors “shall be kept locked except when an attendant shall actually be on duty, and with [an] intercommunication system.” Multiple Dwelling Law § 50-1(3).


Queensbridge Arts District

Culture Lab LIC at The Plaxall Gallery

Schedule of performances HERE

plaxall map

Social Distancing guidelines observed. Masks are mandatory.



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.   . Food Distribution Center

- Hour Children Food Pantry

Food bank

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Pantry is open Tuesday-Thursday 12-2pm

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114 Precinct NYPD Officer Who Appeared To Use White Power Gesture At BLM Protest Has Finally Been Identified

Remember when NYPD Brutalizes BLM Protestors, that NYPD Union and Boss Pat Lynch Support Donald Trump

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Free Tax Prep

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Black, Hispanic, Female, Gay, Muslim? See what NYPD may think of you HERE "Is it any wonder they endorse Trump?

www.TheCity.NYC Says "Help Us Hold the NYPD Accountable"

The NYPD Files: Search Thousands of Civilian Complaints Against New York City Police Officers

Antifa? NO. Officers slashed tires on vehicles amid protests

Tweet NYS AG James at @NewYorkStateAG

Is 'Roid Rage causing #NYPD to go wilding and attacking protestors?

 Wilding cops should be arrested and tested for drugs: amphetamines, anabolic steroids etc.
If not arrested on the scene their supervisors should be fired

The FBI Has Quietly Investigated White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement


Make your own body cam

 from an old cell phone.
Put in pouch on lanyard and turn on video.
Transfer vid via WiFi or USB


City of New York would have more money if they weren't paying for so many NYPD lawsuits.

According to records compiled by the Comptroller's Office, New York City paid out a record $732 million to settle lawsuits in the last fiscal year

wsj.com: "New York City's $41 million settlement in the "Central Park Five" lawsuit..."

The city has agreed to pay nearly $600,000 to settle allegations that police wrongfully arrested a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters

New York City has agreed to pay nearly $18 million for the arrest, detention and fingerprinting of hundreds of protesters, journalists, legal observers and bystanders during the 2004 Republican National Convention?

$333K in settlements: High Ranking NYPD Cop, Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, gassed prisoners.

There was a separate settlement for NYC Councillor Ydanis Rodríguez

We need MORE police to speak out about abuse.

"I'm a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing"  by Redditt Hudson

Philly Police @CaptainRayLewis Stood w/Protesters &
Told Police To End Open Season On Black Men

An Ex-Baltimore Police Officer Discusses Racism, Police Brutality, And Why We Desperately Need Police Reform



@NYPDNews and 9-1-1 Calls

Calls from cell phone show number called.

Calls from landline show number called and address of phone.

Calls from old phone from flea market with NO SERVICE still can call 9-1-1 and will only show cell site used

Now established: #NYPD will not take action against those knowingly making bogus 9-1-1 calls to set up a NYPD confrontation.


Queensbridge Senior Center info

Seniors sitting in any room other then main dining room may miss out on a meal. On Fridays Seniors wishing to get a sixth meal to take home for Saturday sign a sheet and get a ticket to turn in for the meal. There are several problems. Some people who have one ticket get to take multiple meals. People eating in another room when they go to turn in a ticket for their sixth meal are told "ALL GONE". What is the point of giving out a ticket for every meal if some people get to stock up with only one ticket?. Why are those eating in another room especially when distancing is important not told that the sixth meal is being given out?

Daily and Weekly Repeating events listed after dated events




With NYCHA in flux, this is a crucial time.

Residents and their advocates need to know what’s happening and how they can have a stronger voice in decisions that affect them. That is why the Community Service Society (CSS) has launched "NYCHA Need to Know," a monthly newsletter that will provide:

•     Current, reader-friendly information about policy issues and changes—city, state, and Washington—that impact NYCHA residents.
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Socrates Sculpture Park

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Want another scheduled tenant and whistleblower teleconference? Tell us when.

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Fifth Hammer
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22-25 Jackson avenue

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Art show?
Gun fight?
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Open House for Queensbridge Houses Apartment Sublet?
Con Ed Explosions

video shot at Queensbridge Houses

Email us a .jpg flier and we will try to post it here.

  New York Law Journal Reports on NYCHA and Bed Bugs

Roaches are out of control in some Queensbridge Houses buildings.

Why did NYCHA discontinue routine scheduled exterminator service? To imply there is no roach problem?

NYCHA reduced the rising number of work orders by discontinuing Annual Inspections of apartments

Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire

Still showing:

The Iceman Confesses:

 Secrets of a Mafia Hitman,

"The Iceman Confesses"
is also known as
"Iceman II",
a true story.
HBO, 2001
with two former
Queensbridge Tenant Association Board Members
and current
Queensbridge Outreach Board Members
and current
Queensbridge Tenant Council Board Members
portraying EMTs

Also see former Queensbridge Houses
Tenant Association President in Dave Chappelle
DVD Season One talking about Mister Ed, the Talking Horse

See former
Queensbridge Tenant Association Board Member
and current
Queensbridge Outreach Board Member
and current
Queensbridge Tenant Council Board Member
as French speaking chef in the movie Light Sleeper
light sleeper

 Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves (Video)

Pedophile too, married a nine year old girl

Dark Hallways and more NYCHA safety issues

85% Failure Rate on NYCHA Safety Enforcement!
Nursery Participants Escape Horrific Death

Hallway light problem reported by
with ticket # 16,385,878 to
NYCHA in February 2011
was not repaired until August 2011
QB hallway
[Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire]

 Why doesn't Jimmy Van Bramer ever point the finger at NYCHA?

Is NYCHA at all responsible [due to contributory negligence] for violence that happens? What do you think?
If NYC Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer was concerned about NYCHA's gross negligence and depraved indifference when it comes to tenant safety safety at Queensbridge Houses, he would kick NYCHA's ass about their neglect of unlocked lobby doors and light outages that ensure the get-aways of criminals.

What is little talked about, is that NYCHA has past history of deliberately leaving lobby doors unlocked to punish tenants for not "Volunteering" for Tenant Patrol [or whatever that protection racket is now called]. Crime victims' attorney should contact us for more information.

We report more NYCHA wrongdoings then he does!

NYCHA pays Tweeters. We Tweet about NYCHA for FREE!

Toddlers will put anything in their mouths

including dog turds

Cropped shit
Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire
On sidewalk at Queensbridge Houses playground.
One piece evens stands on its own!

Send us photos of dog poop near children's playgrounds.for
NYCHA Dog Poop Portfolio

You can report dog poop to City Hall HERE

At Tenant Association meeting it was recommended to take photos of people who do not clean up after their dogs and report to manager. We have NEVER heard of Manager talking any action, but ... you never know.
dog shit
How about NYCHA requiring dog DNA upon registration.


Queensbridge Gift Shop

The only
Gun Shot
Gift Shop
in North America

Handsomely framed 8x10 [other sizes also] photo of bullet hole in Queensbridge supermarket window. Shows finger in bullet hole.

This a is RARE COLLECTOR'S ITEM as holes have now been hidden from public view!

FREE delivery in Queensbridge Arts Area

Only $10.00.

Framed gun shot
Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire

Different Queensbridge Houses Gunshot Art is also available as matted 11x17 print in 16x20 frame for $50.00

Gunshot art also available on canvas for $100.00
Similar to below as described in
New York Times story: "Art Auction a huge success"

gun shot

Our contact info at top of page

As Seen on Fox TV: Queensbridge Crime Story HERE

Catholic Church and Morality

Prior to getting married we were told by a priest that birth control was a SIN..

Now we hear that priests were getting abortions for children and nuns that the priests got pregnant!

Minor Girls Raped by Priests and Resultant Babies Thrown in Furnaces hear it at 5m 23s

Catholic Church Gets Federal Cash to Replenish Funds Paid For Clergy Sex Abuse Suits

From PA Grand Jury Report on Predator Priests (1400 pages, 29 MB)


We only got to page 185 and so far...

"a priest raped a girl, got her pregnant, and arranged an abortion"

"priest raped a seven -year -old girl while he was visiting her in the hospital after she'd had her tonsils out."

 "priest who made a nine -year -old give him oral sex, then rinsed out the boy's mouth with holy water to purify him."



Mark Zuckerberg Let False Anti-Abortion Video Back On Facebook To Mollify GOP

How to Check If Your Phone Number is in the Huge Facebook Data Leak

FTC Reaches Settlement With Flo Health Over Fertility-Tracking App Flo Health accused of improperly sharing data with Facebook, including whether users were ovulating

DOJ sues Facebook for discriminating against workers for positions with an average salary of $156,000

EU to investigate Facebook's Instagram over children’s privacy concerns

 "In Patel v. Facebook, the plaintiffs argued that the company had collected their biometric face data without any notice or consent via the Tag Suggestions tool." A settlement has been reached. Some will get money from FB

Case 3:20-cv-06534-AGT Filed 09/17/20
"Defendants have been able to secretly spy on users, including Plaintiff and Class members, during intimate moments and in private places, such as their bedroom...Instagram proposed that parents of minors implicitly consented to the use of their children’s images for advertising  purposes by  posting them to Instagram."

“Outright Lies”: Voting Misinformation Flourishes on Facebook

White Supremacist Groups Are ‘Thriving’ On Facebook

Report: Facebook Gave Preferential Treatment to Right-Wing Pages and Fired Whistleblower

Facebook's Instagram says "bug" kept users’ deleted naked pix + messages on its servers

Facebook algorithm found to 'actively promote' Holocaust denial

This is rather shocking. It seems that until 6 July 2020, Facebook was giving HK user info to Chinese security agents

Exclusive: Facebook Used Extensively to Spread Neo-Nazi music

Judge: Facebook will pay $5 billion and make structural changes to enhance privacy

Facebook pushed a “free” VPN for years that claimed to keep users safe from snooping when in reality it was harvesting users’ data

Facebook Is Making Millions Off A Nationwide Gun Permit Scam

FTC reportedly opening an investigation of Facebook

 Facebook scams: Bad ads, bogus grants, and fake tickets lurk on social media giant

Facebook allowed racial discrimination in targeted housing ads

In leaked audio, Zuckerberg rallies FACEBOOK against critics, competitors, USA Government, Elizabeth Warren...

She was called the n-word and given instructions to slit her wrists. What did Facebook do?

Sex lives of app users shared with Facebook and MORE

Facebook Embeds 'Hidden Codes' To Track Who Sees And Shares Your Photos

SEC levies $100 million fine against Facebook over data misuse.

Facebook while Black:  Users call it getting 'Zucked,' say talking about racism is censored as hate speech

Facebook’s latest data breach exposed more than 540 million user records

For years Facebook claimed that adding a phone number for 2FA was only for security. Now it can be searched and there's no way to disable that.

Facebook accused of tricking kids into spending thousands on free-to-play games

NY governor orders probe into Facebook access to data from other apps

We never RSVP on Facebook to events. So if you never see us at your events that may be why.

Facebook has allowed advertisers to
exclude certain ethnic groups from viewing ads for jobs and apartment rentals.

NYCHA can now tell who lives in your apartment with Facebook help

How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met

Facebook bug exposed 6.8 Million users' photo including the pictures which were not even posted on the website

Facebook collected records of users’ text and phone calls, secret documents reveal

Facebook supplied users phone numbers to spammers.

Clickjacking Vulnerability Spamming the User’s Facebook Wall

We hope that you realize that we have NEVER had a Facebook presence! We respect our readers too much for that

Mark Luckie wrote that Facebook fails its black customers and black employees

Terms of Service - Facebook
For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in


WARNING: Some events sometimes cancelled without notice. E.G.:

Q&A for District Attorney Candidates Wednesday, May 1, 2019,

9/10/2016 Block Party

The BQX Runs on Bull Shit!

We rode the "F"Train from Queensbridge to Brooklyn Metro Tech in UNDER 29 Minutes. Could the BQX do that?

BQX Hoax now shorter but cost MORE!

BQX shorted

but will still cover Hunters Point Gold Coast

hunters point

City Council BQX Hearing HERE
Highlights Below

At 2:29 experienced user mentions inconvenient to board the trolleys and power outage problems

At 3:01 Astoria Houses President Claudia Coger speaks
claudia coger

At 3:19 real estate prices go up with displacement of people

BQX problems

1. When street car goes out of order blocking the right of way what happens to the following cars? In Toronto street cars and in NYC subway they can bypass using nearby lines. BQX wouldn't.

2. Hard to cope with Sandy-like problems along the waterfront. Hard to re-route rails due to flooding!

3. Next we expect change in plans to route on Center Boulevard!


Part of Queensbridge Sold?

Find out if your Queensbridge Houses building has been sold so luxury housing can be created HERE




If you want a better place to live, don't be hesitant to call 9-1-1 for issues where police should be involved.

Don't exaggerate what you see. 

If you want to be truly anonymous, call from a deactivated cell
phone you bought at a flea market. They can still call 9-1-1!

Or call from a payphone

. .
hate is enemy



Queensbridge Tenant Association President

 in Police Line-Up



NYS Senator Mike Gianaris Bill would cut rent for NYCHA outages


. .

nycha says

tub heaTER .








List of Elected Officials


Queensbridge Tenant Association President Candidate Corrine Haynes on WNYC


NYCHA Problems?

monica qr



Tell your friends about this

 special video




Free cell phone service

Join Tracfone & enroll in Rewards using referral code (DHUU-ACB8) to get a FREE month of service!
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$ tree


Why so many fires in Queensbridge Houses?

Tenants trying to heat their apartments?

Use fans to send heat from your oven to other rooms


Queensbridge Keri Systems Intercom problems

Why was Apartment 3D Removed From Directory?

If intercom doesn't work, you can sometimes use this electronic passkey on your phone to open door. When intercom says VERIZON, or you hear anything else, play the sound of the passkey

Is someone in NYCHA covering up for contractor?
Who is falsifying repair records?

NYCHA just gave Tomex another contract:

Jimmy Van Bramer's Office Advises us:

Please feel free to refer people to call the office(718) 383-9566 ext. 0 or email jvanbramer[AT]council.nyc.gov

We'll need their name,
contact info,
full address,
ticket numbers,
and  details on the issue.

5/20/2021 neighbor submitted ticket# 813 822 96 for non working intercom. STILL NOT WORKING!

Who repairs Queensbridge intercoms? #NYCHA or contractor? Are NYCHA employees covering up for contractor?
If NYCHA insists on warranty repairs will vendors ask for their bribes back?


Free Internet

Free Wi-Fi for Queensbridge Houses Residents Extended
Great Service

Don't live in Queensbridge? Qualify for lifeline? Get a free smartphone with internet access. Click HERE

Seniors can get computers for LESS THAN $95


NYCHA Tenants of Privatized Apartments not being given copies of Leases says TA President.

Are Tenants Agreeing to Apartments As-Is?




Problems With Your Mail?

At Queensbridge some @USPS mail never gets to intended recipient. This includes merchandise, credit card statements, DMV material + more.

If you are having a problem, send complaints via email to

All @usps.gov

The Post Master General is above



-Boilers and Bribes

Listen: NYCHA Boiler Inspector Talks About Bribes Queensbridge mentioned with Names and amounts!

If NYCHA insists on warranty repairs will vendors ask for their bribes back?

 bag man

Did you have any heat/hot water outage since 2016?

outage .

NYCHA Boiler Scandal

Full NYC Council Hearing HERE

At 1h24m: Boilers installed in 1950s in Staten Island have no problems

At 1h30m: Jimmy Van Bramer talks about Queensbridge Houses South and 300+ calls to CCC

At 1h48h NYCHA rep swears to tell the truth. Remember NYCHA Chair Shola Olatoye perjured herself in front of same body

At 2h9m rent refund mentioned. Tenants have gotten rent abatements in the past.

Queensbridge Boiler Contractor HAKS Engineers linked to Bribery. See HERE

EXCLUSIVE: NYCHA vice president who oversees construction contracts is suspended as he faces city probe. He is linked to HAKS

Read more about bribes on this site and how interim NYCHA Chair may have perjured herself re boilers.

Listen to 3/11/19 NYC Council Hearing on NYCHA.
Re boilers at 2h 30m 20s
NYCHA Interim Chair Kathryn Garcia says companies
"went out of business 10 15 20 years ago"

Cleaver Brooks and Easco are alive and well.
Easco Boiler Corp., a Division of A.L. Eastmond & Sons, Inc

Click on company names above

We emailed Garcia Tue, Mar 26, 2019, pointing out discrepancy and she had NO EXPLANATION!

"The blacklisted Bronx boiler company that allegedly bribed indicted City Councilman Larry Seabrook also steered thousands of dollars to another council member with her own set of legal woes, records show."

No wonder then NYCHA spokes Jasmine Blake @JazzMinella refused to answer our boiler questions despite THE FACT THAT SHE DIRECTED US TO EMAIL HER WITH QUESTION. SHE NEVER REPLIED TO EMAIL.  Now Blake is touting Garcia!
Extortion and Bribery Mentioned at NYCHA Board Meeting as Normal.

More about NYCHA and bribes below


Welcome newly added child molester with NYS ID#20462 at Comfort Inn 37-35 21 ST. Same place as where there are other sexual predators including:

Sex Trafficker of 14 Year Old Female


For sex offenders list with photos  click HERE and search by ZIP Code 11101

Are your children being stalked by drug addicted mentally deranged pedophiles sent by @NYCDHS? Almost all sex offenders registered in ZIP 11101 are within two blocks from Queensbridge Houses. Victims have been as young as five years old. Be kind when reminding the sex offenders of Social Distancing. If sedated confused mental patients wander into your building point to their home. Report lobby door and intercom problems to this List of Elected Officials

Did Mayor de Blasio Bamboozle April Simpson AGAIN? See prior bamboozle on this site.

Roosevelt Island Residents will not be getting drug addicted mentally deranged pedophiles at new hotel

Mayor leaving mentally deranged drug addicted sex predators of children near Queensbridge Houses at

@ComfortInnLIC  Lotus Blu 23-15 39 Avenue

@ComfortInnLIC 37-35 21 Street YELP
One new November addition
at Comfort Inn & Suites, 37-35 21 ST
Perp ID 4532, Victim 9 year old female

#HowardJohnson Mayflower by @WyndhamHotels 38-59 12 Street YELP

@WingateHotels by @WyndhamHotels 38-70 12 Street YELP

@BestWesternPlus 39-34 21 Street YELP

@LQ La Quinta Inn @WyndhamHotels 9-02 38 Avenue YELP

Will Mayor bring them weed and booze to try and keep them from wandering around bothering other children?

Further away
Acacia Networks, Pam's Place, Verve 40-03 29th Street
LIC Plaza Hotel at 40-40 27th Street

Add photos from homeless hotels to their Yelp reviews..
Only do ONE  review per day, otherwise Yelp will delete them.

Some Queensbridge Homeless Hotels may have Registered Sex Offenders who have not updated their address to Queensbridge Hotels

Keep your lobby door locked

Curtis Sliwa on hotels converted into  homeless shelters:

“people have to patrol and organize their neighborhoods and areas in order to maintain their quality of life."

Guardian Angels


NYCHA Retaliates Against Tenants and Employees

NYCHA tenants have reported retaliation and harassment for years with little accountability from the housing authority.

The NY Daily news has a report about a Rosanna De La Cuadra
a NYCHA tenant who complained about mold. To get even they started eviction proceedings against her with such charges as unregistered dog. She was able to prove that her dog was registered with NYCHA. They used other phony retaliatory charges.

We know this can happen, as we ourselves were subjected to same underhanded treatment by Queensbridge Houses management. We were [among other things] accused of having an unauthorized air conditioner. We were able to prove that we had been paying NYCHA extra monthly money for TEN YEARS for air conditioner electricity. Maybe a corrupt NYCHA official had siphoned off the money?

Did you know that NYCHA has a history of
to punish tenants?

They have removed lobby door locks where tenants did not "volunteer" for Tenant Patrol duties; sitting as unpaid guards in the lobby. Supervisors of this protection racket got paid.

NYCHA senior citizen ATTACKED: Says it isn’t safe or secure and that the entrance is never locked

FREE photography of unsafe conditions in your
Queensbridge apartment.
Contact us.

NYCHA Employees Get Retaliated Against ALSO

40 Years NYCHA Employee Whistleblower sues NYCHA, alleging retaliation


7 On Your Side: Whistleblower says NYCHA ignored warnings about widespread heating outages

NYCHA Employee Whistle Blower Comes Forward

May 14, 2018 NYCHA Whistle Blower show.
"Nathaniel Parris says he’s been labeled a trouble maker. John Ballinger, same thing. They are both former workers at NYCHA, now telling their stories inside the largest landlord in the US." One segment was recorded over one month ago after arrangement with http://www..NYCHA.WTF

There are more whistle blower testimonies in the can. NYCHA EMPLOYEES, come forward

Retaliation and intimidation? Lower East Side mom says NYCHA tried to evict her after PIX11 report. Us too; See below

Another NYCHA Whistle Blower Speaks:

I hope, but don’t expect, the current political dustup winds up with some relief for the tenants. But, until the various NYCHA Inspector ranks are held to a high standard, backed up by JAIL TIME FOR ANY PROOF OF BRIBERY, nothing will change.

You can award contracts for boiler maintenance and repair, for asbestos removal and lead paint removal.


Why should a contractor spends hundreds of thousands of dollars (from a city contract, paid by us all) remediating problems, when a low 5 figure bribe gets a corrupt inspector to sign off on all payments? (If you think “nobody would allow themselves to be bought off to aid in ruining children’s health, you better wake up – while your health still allows you to be woke!

Watching local news recently, I can’t help but remember, back when Cuomo was running HUD, how he told Polly Kreisman (on camera) in response to her question about my whistle-blowing, that he’d be speaking with me in the near future about NYCHA corruption. That was back in 1997, and, though my address and phone number have not changed, I’m still waiting.

And every time I hear the “shock” over discovering lead paint in apartments that were listed as having been cleared by NYCHA, I wonder “Do these idiots think the lead paint was put on recently?”

The lead paint in those apartments was applied many, many moons ago.

In the NYCHA Spotlight, I had tape of an inspector confessing to be among a group of NYCHA contract inspectors getting paid off to certify that lead paint, asbestos and other problems had been fixed, and payments to contractors were then made.

Monetary enrichment of both contractor and Inspector. A true Win-Win! Unless you factor in the health of the unwitting tenants and any children in the NYCHA apartment that was “certified” safe!

Inspections done years ago may
1) have been certified clean by a dirty inspector and/or
2) may have chipped cracked in the years since the “clean” inspection.

Why did Shola Olatoye commit perjury?

Should @SholaOlatoyebe locked up?

Did de Blasio tell her to perjure herself?

NYCHA whistleblowers have been shot and killed in the past
"Stanley Gardiner, who was a 49-year- old assistant superintendent at the Marlboro Houses in Brooklyn, was handcuffed and shot to death"  CLICK HERE.

Who is footing the bill for legal representation of the disgraced FORMER NYCHA employees below?


Paige v. New York City Housing Authority (1:17-cv-07481)
Document # 226

If anyone wants to do a Federal Court look up see https://www.pacer.gov/
or for free at
When we have time we will do Federal and State doc dives.


NYCHA Caught Falsifying Court Info

Did you withhold your rent due to breach of warranty of habitability?

Did you get a surprise eviction?

"New York City’s Housing Authority (NYCHA) Housing Assistants Provided False Affidavits of Service—Court Urged NYCHA to Take Remedial Action to Address Possibility That “Sewer Service” Occurred in Other Cases"


Business of Homelessness: NYC’s Biggest Shelter Contractor, Acacia Network, Makes Millions, Offers Shoddy Facilities

They have a LIC shelter at 40-03 29th Street

If Acacia clients ask too many questions they get blocked


Search for NYCHA contractors

Federal Debar Contractor Computer Database Mentioned at Queensbridge Houses Federal Monitor Meeting. It is available HERE.  For actual court cases see PACER



Beautiful Homes Magazine -Queensbridge

Queensbridge pix
Photo credit: Lynne Patton

Contact NYCHA Federal Monitor Bart Schwartz With Your Tips and Complaints

E-mail: monitor at his web site: nychamonitor.com

NYCHA is like an organized crime family
They do what they want with impunity
Who has gone to jail for bid rigging?
Wholesale theft of appliances for resale?
NYCHA whistleblowers getting shot?
How about intercom system sabotaged to generate a new contract?

At Tuesday January 22, 2019 New York City Council public oversight hearing there is mention of NYCHA and the Mob. It's on line.

In a NYCHA RICO trial we expect known perjurer Shola Olatoye to be subpoenaed.



NYCHA Bribery Tutorial


The other half of the bribe was retained by Mr. Panese. Mr. Panese said that the money wasn't all his, that some had to go "upstairs." " If you're looking for crooks, look to the higher ups in NYCHA."

Bribes even go higher up to HUD?

Big NYCHA Roof Scandal in the News. Who was bribed not to invoke warranties?


Windows 10 Problems?


Flashing Screen? Crackling Sound?
You are not alone.
Windows 10 problem getting worse.
OVER seventy MILLION Google hits.
And video here

Not interested in @MicrosoftHelps DM to get me to spin my wheels. Suggestions did not work.
Just do a patch @Microsoft !
Any Class Action Lawsuit?


 Deputy Inspector Oswaldo Nuñez:

increased violence at Ravenswood and Queensbridge Houses

Mayor Homicide Cover-up Info Below.

114 Pct
Deputy Inspector Osvaldo Nunez speaking about Queensbridge gangs and crime at DKCA meeting

Gangs of Queensbridge

Crips, Bloods and three more

crime increase

Safe Banking

NYPD said at recent area meeting: TD Bank and Santander Bank in addition to their failure to prevent attacks by criminals, they have done a poor job of cooperating with police.


HUD Lied to Protect NYCHA Protection Racket

@LynnePattonHUD called us #FakeNews

See below and YOU be the judge!

@LynnePattonHUD says
"sit down before you hurt yourself, my friend"

@LynnePattonHUD called us #FakeNews and April Ryan "Miss Piggy"

This apparent graduate from the Trump University
Charm School may very well hurt herself.

We will posting info here to show how HUD aided and abetted NYCHA's depraved indifference to tenant safety and looked the other way at corruption.

Item #1 which resulted from tenants complaining about NYCHA unlocked lobby doors.

Exact statement from HUD letter to us:

" ...there does exist a housing policy which states that lobby doors should not be locked unless there is an active tenant patrol to open the door for visitors."

This shows HUD depraved indifference and worse; CONDONING A PROTECTION RACKET!
"Aiding and abetting"

Extortion [free labor as Tenant Patrol 'volunteer'] we believe may be a fulfilling requirement for invocation of Federal and/or State RICO Acts.

Copies of full correspondence backing up above and forthcoming allegations have been given to NYC Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, other politicians and members of the media.

Item #2 HUD lied to cover up for NYCHA in letter stating:
"Robert Ramirez, General Engineer, P.E., and Gwendolyn Pueblo, General Engineer of this office, visited your
apartment...It appears that the majority of the tenants prefer an unlocked door because of its convenience."
Gwendolyn Pueblo stated that she surveyed EVERY APARTMENT and that tenants said they preferred unlocked lobby door.


Here below sworn and notarized statement shows that tenants were NEVER surveyed and that heads of household want investigation and prosecution of HUD employees


Item #3: connection between  HUD, NYCHA and mob contractors

@LynnePattonHUD says HERE
"...b/c of an intense 3-year HUD investigation by the #SDNY that uncovered systematic deception..."

@LynnePattonHUD fails to mention that #SDNY does NOT cover all of NYCHA
Boro          DOJ      projects apartments
Manhattan SDNY    97        52999
Brooklyn   EDNY    99        58447

SD NY, is where U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, fought corruption and financial fraud until he was fired by President Trump.
Was he closing in on HUD when fired?
Fired Preet Bharara speaks about corrupt #NYCHA HERE

Brooklyn in US DOJ ED NY is where final trial was held for @NYCHA Queensbridge contractor John Gotti. So many boxes of court docs at Cadman Plaza that it took two trips [and TWO people] to review. See #EDNY Mary Jo White

John Gotti was involved with NYCHA in jurisdiction of US DOJ EDNY. HUD knew about it!

Sam Pierce and Gotti
Samuel Pierce later took the Fifth.

President Trump has said:
“The mob takes the Fifth Amendment.”

"... many of Pierce's closest aides and confidants at the department were charged and convicted on felony charges"

Item #4 Shows a verifiable communique generated by HUD giving OK to NYCHA organized crime connected contractor.
HUD says Arc OK
Before @LynnePattonHUD TRUMPets #FakeNews again
she should check HUD correspondence files for original.

Item #5 Sex for Repairs

What is HUD's position on trading sex for NYCHA repairs?

Can US D HUD IG Office Be Trusted to Investigate?
Some people in the Department of Housing and Urban Development Inspector General's office were suspended for downloading pornography as reported HERE

Items #6 thru #999

To assure @LynnePattonHUD that we are NOT #FakeNerws
fake news
we will release more verifiable docs.as soon as either NYCHA or US D HUD become subject of RICO Act investigation.

Has anyone ever sued a neurosurgeon for a lobotomy gone awry?

@LynnePattonHUD says
"I questioned the $17B when I first got here. The new $31.2B number breaks down to $181,714.29 PER UNIT in repairs."

Why is $59 Billion Missing from HUD?

Were Queensbridge intercoms sabotaged to generate new contracts?

Tweeted to
"How could so many Queensbridge Houses intercoms spread over so many buildings from 21 Street to Vernon Boulevard be out of order at same time? This smells."

Did you know that a group of Queensbridge Houses tenants headed by board members of the Queensbridge Tenant Association picketed HUD at 26 Federal Plaza because of corruption concerns? The Queensbridge Tenant Association President was allowed into the HUD offices and was subsequently thrown out!

Ben Carson has called HUD "Most Corrupt Federal Department"

Have you complained to HUD and been ignored? Let us know

Two new reports found that HUD didn’t properly oversee inspections or removal of lead-based paint in public housing complexes across the country.


’Everything she is saying is false:’ Mayor  de Blasio rips HUD’s Lynne Patton Which One is Lying?

NYCHA Cover Ups Involve the Mayor and Police

TRANSCRIPT: Mayor Seemingly Implicates NYPD Housing Bureau Police Commander in Queensbridge Murder Cover Up

Mayor at Queensbridge Talks About Roofs 

April 5, 2018 Mayor de Blasio held a rooftop press conference to tout roof renovations completed in 2016. He was flanked by Senior Citizens who were cajoled to leave a warm Senior Citizen Center to stand by him on a cold windy rooftop.

At an August 24, 2015 press conference, below, announcing new roofs the Mayor had NYPD  keep the same Queensbridge Seniors fifty feet away behind stanchions. It was so hard to hear anything, many left in disgust! We were not allowed close media coverage.

roof PR

Why the sudden affinity for the NYCHA Seniors?

Maybe Mayor de Blasio thinks it easy to bamboozle them!

Queensbridge Roofs were Finished in 2016

finished roof 2016

From 2018 Transcript:


[Inaudible] comment about this. Safety at Queensbridge, specifically, I know you were here about a year-and-half ago talking about reducing gun violence and crime. And I know in the last couple of weeks there was a homicide here. Back in January a woman was hit by a stray bullet just leaving the subway station in Queensbridge. Are things getting safer? Are residents feeling safer? Are these isolated incidents? Is it getting safer?


 Sure, I’ll certainly let April speak to that too. I want to tell you because I just spoke to the PSA commander on that. There was a homicide. It was not at Queensbridge. It was nearby.

Verify by reading transcript HERE


Saturday March 24, 2018 7:45 PM Sharef Graham, 25 shot to death. 40-06 Vernon IN QUEENSBRIDGE HOUSES IFO unsecure building with missing lobby light fixture. Here is screen grab from murder scene video taken from unsecure building.

Victim was at left hand side half way down.

screen grab

Testimony of videographer HERE

Here is WANTED POSTER re incident
Mayor murder lie

The Mayor on that same roof top April 5, 2018 told
@monicamoralestv regarding lead paint
"we sent in the teams to inspect and we re-mediated".
See transcript.

At Queensbridge Houses
39% of lobby doors are unsecure
66% of intercoms do not work
First Responders, deliveries of Meal-On-Wheels, oxygen etc.are a problem. 1000+ Seniors affected

Mayor de Blasio and NYCHA and NYPD stop playing us for fools!


US Post Office Explains why Queensbridge Houses elderly must walk to Post Office to pick up their prescription packages

Post Offcie


NYCHA forged tenant signatures, closed repair requests

Possibly FORGED repair ticket below:

Intercom NOT repaired and would require our signature if it were repaired


There are over ONE THOUSAND Seniors living in Queensbridge Houses. See for yourself by examining census figures Census Tract 25 is Queensbridge Houses only

Is @NYCHA computer matching the 65% building intercom outages at Queensbridge with apts w/Life Support Equipment?

Database of all of Queensbridge Houses unsecured lobby doors now available to attorneys. This shows NYCHA's depraved indifference to tenant safety.

Remember the children stabbed in the elevator and one killed?

NYCHA kept door unlocked!

Burglary Reported at 40-06 10 Street in unlocked building

Dispute with knife at 41-06 Vernon in unlocked building

Broken locks in public housing blamed for push-in robbery that cost 73-year-old woman $10,000

Sniper shoots from 41-10 10 Street

Queensbridge Houses residents interviewed on Trump and politics


Queensbridge bloody sidewalk

QB Blood on sidewalk
Normandeau Newswire Photo
Send us your crime photos

Gun shots through windows

 at Queensbridge Supermarket
are now covered up with nice pictures.
See BEFORE and AFTER below.

Before   covered up
[Normandeau Newswire Photos]

#ManhattanDA Vance says  5% of NYC residents live in NYCHA housing, where 25% of city crime occurs.

NY Daily News Reports: Major crimes such as shootings, murder, robberies, rape, assault and burglaries in NYCHA's 334 developments have risen 31% since 2009.

http://www.qchron.com further expounds:
Among what the paper called the "worst of the worst" is Queensbridge South, which it said has seen major crime jump 47 percent since 2009.

VIDEO  "Queensbridge Houses and Astoria Houses
 are ENEMY projects" not an alliance

"He's a piece of shit." — @AmbassadorRice

 on Lindsey Graham


. ..

Gullible? Well researched "Affordable Housing is a Scam!" Exposé HERE





Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85990722120
Dial In: 1-646-558-8656 Meeting ID: 859 9072 2120

Carolyn B. Maloney @CarolynBMaloney said Dec 22
"#COVID19 update: NYC is offering $100 to anyone getting their booster shot between now and December 31 at any City run site or through the City’s in-home vaccination program."

We called 877-829-4692 12/27/2021 and was told after being on hold for 57 minutes that you will not get the $100 for in-home #COVID19 vaccinations


HealthFirst Medical Transportation going downhill

Waited from 5:30pm to 9:00pm for return trip. Then TWO drivers were sent to WRONG ADDRESS." This was for RT booked Wednesday 11/10/21.

Tuesday 10/26/2021 had HealthFirst 9:15 AM pickup appointment with

Metro Luxury Inc. 718-665-4900

for 10:00 AM surgery appointment.
By 10:17 AM not arrived for 9:15 AM pick up
Picked up 10:31 AM 10/26/2021 OVER ONE HOUR LATE!
We were outside waiting in the rain!
They misrepresent themselves and breach contract by saying on the telephone hold message that they get you to doctors' appointments on time!
On their web site one link results in:
"Website blocked due to trojan
Website blocked: http://metro.limosys.com
Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity."

Read Metro Yelp reviews HERE


Donovan Richards

"The selling of RAD to Queensbridge Tenants"

RAD pitch Video HERE
Donovan Richards says at 15 minutes 20 seconds
that you pay 30% of income for rent

If Queensbridge goes Section 8 you may pay 40% of income for rent. Click HERE

BUT THIS from NYCHA says you may pay 40% for rent

@DRichards13 took $5,000 in campaign cash from Breeze National
which was hired to demolish NYCHA's Prospect Plaza Houses in Crown Heights.
NYCHA Had Told Tenants That They Could Move Back After "Renovations"

Donovan Richards Appointed April Simpson - Former Queensbridge Houses Tenant Association President to Team


Is NYCHA REALLY recycling what we sort and put in bins? They won't tell us!



Even if you already paid

COVID-19 Funeral Assistance

Chuck Schumer @SenSchumer Tweets:

The terrible loss of a loved one to COVID is exacerbated by costs of funerals many can't afford

That's why @AOC and I delivered funding for FEMA to pay funeral and burial costs

FEMA has a hotline for families to apply: 844-684-6333

There are no income restrictions on the aid, so relatives of any of the nearly 50,000 New Yorkers killed by COVID-19 can apply.

- Death certificate must list COVID as primary or contributing cause. If COVID wasn’t listed for your loved one (as many were early on), you can have the cert amended by the hospital

Eligible expenses include the cost of burials, cremations, transportation, caskets or urns, headstones, clergy services, arrangement of funeral ceremonies and production of death certificates, among other categories.


Did Amazon hire any NYCHA tenants at Maloney's 8/25/21 Jobs Fair? We asked her and she did not reply.


Read about
The grassroots coalition that took on Amazon ... and won

@Amazon Dirty Tricks

 Illegally Interrogated Queens Warehouse Worker Who Led Pandemic Walkout, NLRB Rules

"Amazon fabricated false and unjust disciplinary measures to build bogus cases against worker"

Amazon at Queensbridge!

Address: 38-50 21 Street, LIC, NY 11101
Amazon parcel

Amazon's Union-Busting Training Video

Will @Amazon be dumping bags with fecal matter in Queensbridge area? AOC trolls Amazon with its own email scolding drivers for pooping in bags

This how community REALLY FELT:
amazon poll

Amazon Sued for Alleged Race, Gender Bias in Corporate Hires. The Gullible Believed Promises for Queensbridge

Amazon Jobs for Queensbridge?

How Gullible Are You? Who Would Amazon REALLY Hire? Their Board is 100% White According to THIS

Amazon was asked "The average salary of new jobs in NYC will be $150,000"?. Of your employees now earning $150,000+, what percentage are female? What percentage area non-white? @Amazon never answered!

TA President April Simpson [bending over]
with the Mayor at Amazon decree

He may have told April about "all the jobs coming to Queensbridge".

The state’s Relocation and Employment Assistance grants companies a $3,000 per-employee credit for 12 years if EMPLOYEES MOVE INTO THE AREA.

Watch Jimmy Van Bramer

Watch him grill Amazon who admit only 30 jobs for NYCHA tenants

How many Queensbridge people got hired for Jetblue, Citigroup [fifty floors of offices], CUNY Law, MetLife?

Mayor convinced April that a Queensbridge murder happened in Brooklyn!

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me! .


April Simpson praising de Blasio VIDEO



NYCHA Linked Mobster John Gotti’s fabled wine collection is now for sale in Queensbridge Area



With NYCHA RAD conversion NYCHA says that they are not responsible for mold problems

Re: Baez et al. v. New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), No. 13-cv-8916 (WHP)
 Document 284   Filed 12/07/20 
"...once NYCHA developments are transitioned to RAD- or PACT-management, NYCHA: (1) administratively closes all open mold and excessive moisture work orders in those buildings, regardless of whether any actual repairs were completed; (2) ceases to include such developments in its measurement of its compliance under the Decree’s time parameters, such that NYCHA’s Quarterly Reports do not accurately reflect the true state of its
compliance with the terms of the Decree..."

NYCHA preemptively ceases remediation


Exposing the Lead Coverups

 Sworn Testimony VIDEO: December 5, 2017

2 hour, 05 minutes, 58 seconds Shola Olatoye:

"do not believe I committed perjury"

2h 58m 45s Ritchie Torres: "You made false statements under oath ...you made wilful choice and never corrected"

3h 25m 55s SD NY US Attorney Preet Bharara document:
 "under False Claims Act"

3h 32m 30s Tenants shout "Lock her up"

3h 42m Richie Torres: "You made false statements"

4h 05m Department of Investigation talks about falsehoods and perjury and disclosures

4h 51m 20s Sharon Paige
Paige v. New York City Housing Authority
 (1:17-cv-07481) District Court, S.D. New York

Shola Olatoye: on Break and Entry: 1h 43m 45 on breaking locks, "we give 2 week notice, then 5 day notice.
We do not replace tenant lock, only NYCHA lock

Watch and Listen February 6, 2018, 3h 07m Shola Olatoye is asked if she lied.  Refuses to Answer.
The Mayor on a Queensbridge rooftop April 5, 2018 told @monicamoralestv regarding lead paint "we sent in the teams to inspect and we re-mediated". See transcript HERE.

The Mayor on Queensbridge roof top April 5, 2018 told
WPIX @monicamoralestv regarding lead paint

"we sent in the teams to inspect and we re-mediated"

See Mayor testy video HERE from Mayor's Offcie
See Mayor testy video HERE from WPIX

NYCHA Threatens to Break and Enter

 to check for lead in closets

• If no one is home, this letter serves as the advance notice described in your lease that NYCHA will exercise our right to enter your apartment to conduct this important health and safety XRF test.
• If NYCHA needs to change your door lock during the process, you can pick up your new keys from the property management office the day the inspection was completed, up until 6:00 pm. After that, you can pick them up at your local Police Service Area
(PSA) (please bring your ID with you). Please call the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771 if you need directions to your PSA.

BUT won't send exterminator for roach infestation


lead test

@NYCHA: please access the call YOU recorded at 1:27 PM 10/26/2020 to (718) 707-7771 and explain why I was told "no idea" when I asked for directions to PSA to get new keys. You direct us to call there to ask for directions!



Are letter carriers stealing small mailed packages? Missing Any? Let us know.

Find out how much of your mail has disappeared by tracking it HERE


List of Queensbridge Shootings


You Are 4 Times MORE LIKELY to Get Shot in a NYCHA Project Says NYC DOI


"NYCHA Is Still Failing to Seek Eviction of Tenants Who Knowingly Shelter Dangerous Criminal Offenders"

Hear Death By NYCHA

Upon request we can show proof that NYCHA has deliberately CREATED safety hazards to punish building tenants

Shootings at Queensbridge Houses

More Queensbridge crime info in center column including re murder cover-up.

Mayor de Blasio says HERE "no Queensbridge shootings for one year" Truth? NINE people shot at Queensbridge in 2020!

2021 shootings, at Queensbridge Houses

Sunday October 10, 2021 1:55am 10 Street and 40 Avenue 37 year old man shot and killed

Tuesday October 5, 2021 9:40am man shot in back at  40-09 10th Street

Saturday October 2, 2021 at noon a man and a woman were shot. "The shots rang out shortly after noon on the sidewalk of the Queensbridge Houses on 12th Street near 40th Avenue, cops said"

Friday June 9, 2021 6:35pm man shot at 40-09 12 Street

Monday 5/10/2021 12:05 AM 12th Street and 40th Avenue, male car passenger Queensbridge resident Kayorn Wilson shot 3 times by two executioners. Driven to 41 Ave/Vernon where EMS responded = DOA

Thursday 2/4/21 8:39:12 PM EST man shot 10th St & 41st Rd. There was an arrest and a gun was recovered.

2020 shootings, at Queensbridge Houses

Saturday11/14/2020 near 10th Street

Saturday 9/26/2020 11:58 PM 43 YO man shot
40-06 12th Street

Tuesday 9/8/20 9:23 PM 23-year-old Dahmel Miller KILLED with shot in the stomach and buttocks, 40-12 Vernon

Saturday 7/25/20 11:26 PM a 38-year-old man was shot five times in the chest in front 40-07 10th

Tuesday 6/23/2020, Man shot 11:45 PM 41-14 10 Street
From Citizen app

Tuesday 6/23/2020, Man shot 7:45 AM 40-07 12th Street.
From Citizen app

Saturday June 20, 2020. A 28-year-old man told police he heard bullets at the Queensbridge Houses around 5 a.m., then felt pain in his leg, police said. He was taken to Cornell Hospital in stable condition.

Tuesday May 19, 2020 woman shot in head at 40 Avenue and 10 Street

Thursday May 7, 2020 3:04PM IFO 41-05 Vernon. Victim shot in the leg. Perp arrested,

Wednesday January 15, 2020 7:35pm male shot in the thigh at
12-26 41 Avenue IFO of THV

2019 shootings,  at Queensbridge Houses

Monday November 4, 2019 2:55 AM 40-06 12th St

Monday August 5, 2019 8:47 PM IFO Nursery School

Wednesday July 17, 2019 4:42 PM EDT man shot at 40-07 12th Street. Videos HERE

Wednesday July 3, 2019 12:05 AM TWO shot at 40-07 12th Street

Monday April 22, 2019 5:08:12 PM man shot in leg
at 40-07 10 Street

Sunday February 17, 2019 3:03 AM man shot in leg 40 Avenue and 12 Street followed by an afternoon slashing

2018 shootings,  at Queensbridge Houses

Monday July 2, 2018 man shot in leg 40-07 10 Street which NYPD report as having happened at 41-03 10 Street

Wednesday Friday June 27, 2018 man shot
in front of 41-10 Vernon Blvd.

Tuesday June 26, 2018 man shot at 41-09 12 Street.
History of unsecured 41-09 12 Street lobby door.

Saturday March 24, 2018 7:45 PM. Mayor lied! More in center column. Sharef Graham, 25 shot to death. 40-06 Vernon IFO unsecure building with missing lobby light fixture. Mayor From Transcript: "Sure, I’ll certainly let April speak to that too. I want to tell you because I just spoke to the PSA commander on that. There was a homicide. It was not at Queensbridge. It was nearby." Testimony of eye witness HERE

Friday January 26, 2018 innocent woman shot at 41 Avenue and 10 Street

Thursday January 11, 2018 1:42 PM
Sniper shooting from 41-10 10 Street window.
Legally not called a shooting as a pellet gun was used to strike 5 people.

2017 shootings at Queensbridge Houses

New York Times says zero 2017 Shootings. The Truth below.

Sunday AM August 20, 2017
Man shot in stomach at 40-07 10 Street

Tuesday July 4, 2017
35-year-old man was shot in the head and the back just after 9 p.m. according to police at 40 Avenue and Vernon Blvd a few feet from Queensbridge Houses property line

Monday May 15, 2017
41 Road and 10 Street

Saturday March 18, 2017
male shot at 41-02 10 Street

2016 shootings at Queensbridge Houses

Saturday January 16, 2016
male shot in the head at 40-16 Vernon Boulevard

2015 shootings at Queensbridge Houses

Saturday May 30, 2015
3 shot, 1 dead

2014 shootings at Queensbridge Houses

October 16, 2014 7:45 p.m. on Vernon Boulevard teenager shot in the stomach.

September 7, 2014 male shot in both legs at 41 Avenue and 12 Street.

August 23, 2014 corner of 10th Street and 40th Avenue,  27-year-old shot in the right knee.

March 2014, three people shot at 41-16 12 Street

April 16, 2014 one person shot at 41-02 12 Street

2013 shootings at Queensbridge Houses

January 1, 2013 New Year's Day, a man was shot in both legs on 10th St in Queensbridge Houses.

February 2, 2013 Saturday Evening 21 Street and 41 Avenue shot through the chest. Video HERE

March 2013, no one shot

April 3, 2013 person shot at 40-13 Vernon Boulevard

Friday May 17, 2013, 1:16 AM 2 males shot at 40 06 12 St

Monday June 11, 2013, teenage girl shot in chest at 40-03 10th Street. Only female shot at Queensbridge Houses in all of 2013

July 2013, no one shot at Queensbridge Houses, but blind man left for dead after robbery IN HIS APARTMENT

August, September, October, November, December 2013,
no one shot at Queensbridge Houses.

See who the Police Are Looking For

See what NYCHA crimes are covered up
Use THIS App to see what crimes are happening near you.


Paint jobs suspicious activity

On day of paint job scheduled appointment Paint Inspector comes and says he is only there to look and verify needed paint job.

Could those scheduled paint jobs be marked as completed and paid for when in fact paint jobs are not completed? Then a new paint job is scheduled.

Has this happened to you? If so, mention it at Tenant Association meeting. It may be possible to arrange for your story to be covered in media interviews


For the area gullible:

Amazon Update

When @amazon was planing to come to LIC and employees  were buying real estate, do you think they tipped off some locals who would then show support?

Do you think anyone borrowed money from "non bank" lenders to buy real estate?

Amazon had cities compete over its new headquarters, and the approach was reportedly known internally as, 'F--- you. We're Amazon.'

Sen. Mike Gianaris @SenGianaris:
Even more truth comes out:

“Before going public, #Amazon quietly tied up real estate deals and government agreements in the two locations”

This is why I proposed banning insider trading in real estate just like we do for securities

New York was going to have taxpayers PAY AMAZON EMPLOYEES' SALARIES even though they work for the richest man on earth. DON'T FORGET Amazon said they were "bringing" jobs, not saying they were going to hire in NYC for all those jobs.

Amazon reportedly wanted to secure $1 billion in incentives on top of HQ2 deal

Watch Jimmy Van Bramer grill Amazon who admit only 30 jobs for NYCHA tenants

"Foxconn Promised 13,000 Jobs To Wisconsin
Where Are They?"
Sounds like the promised Amazon jobs.

Whole Foods announced it would be cutting medical benefits for its entire part-time workforce. Amazon's annual savings from this cost-cutting ploy is what Jeff Bezos makes in two hours

The Rise and Fall of American Public Housing  and how buildings NEWER then Queensbridge were demolished


Trump Corporation ACN Fraud trial updates HERE

See mentions of:
The Celebrity Apprentice
Trump University
The Trump Network
The Trump Institute

Why does he want arbitration? Afraid of precedents?


Trump is not Racist Says Lynne Patton

Lynne Patton admitted she abused her authority ... tricked NYCHA residents

Lynne Patton who called us #FakeNews BARRED from holding Federal jobs

town hall


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Why Pay For TV? Cord Cutters News HERE

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Why isn't RCN allowed in
Western Queens #NYCHA housing projects?

History of Queens cable TV bribery



NYCHA may install heart sensors in apartments that could help determine how many people live there, mentioned in Video of April 15, 2019 NYC Council Committee on Public Housing

USD HUD Says NYCHA Smoking Ban May Be Enforced by TENANT PATROL

How your cigarette will get you evicted to move in higher income tenants.

NYCHA Rents may go to 35% of income

 and cost tenants over one thousand dollars extra per year. This was reported in NYCHA Board Meeting

Why no outrage when NYCHA Says "Tenants Agree to Child Lead Poisoning" in Federal Case 1:17-cv-07481?

NYCHA Wins Award for MOST CORRUPT NYC Agency

Corrupt NYCHA
Source: Gothamist.com


66% Queensbridge Houses intercoms don't work

Oxygen Delivery Left Outside

1000+ Seniors affected:
Deliveries of Meal-On-Wheels, prescriptions,. Elderly must walk to Post Office to pick up their prescription packages


Exposé of HUD - NYCHA - NYC Agreement

Council Member Ritchie Torres Exposes Agreement HERE

NYCHA no longer allowed to use deception to cover up problems for PHAS inspections. No limits on bribery, rigged contracts or mass theft of NYCHA appliances for resale. NYCHA gets 20 years to abate all lead which means that some babies now eating lead will be institutionalized or incarcerated due to brain damage.
HUD @SecretaryCarson Meekly Says "Exposure to lead can damage the developing brain. ... limiting human potential."
NYCHA Lawyer Says "Tenants Agree to Child Lead Poisoning" in Federal Case 1:17-cv-07481


Beware of Queensbridge supermarket Sales

How much do you think ONE of the below will cost?

23 Anti-Gay Republicans Caught Being GAY


US DOJ SD Court Doc says NYCHA: "exterminators would sometimes spray water instead of pesticides"

See Case https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.nysd.495363/gov.uscourts.nysd.495363.11.0.pdf

Section 210.     Another former NYCHA exterminator, described a culture where exterminators were directed to “fake it.” This meant that exterminators would sometimes spray water instead of pesticides when the necessary pesticides were in short supply. Exterminators would also close out work orders as “tenant not home” without confirming that was the case when they were given too many orders in one day. These practices were known, sanctioned, and encouraged by the exterminator’s supervisor.

Brown Water?
 Homeless Dump In NYCHA Tenant Water Tower Tanks



Spring 2018 NYCHA NYC Council Hearing Oversight

 - Chronic Heat and Hot Water Failures in NYCHA Housing

See it here

Jimmy Van Bramer Kicks Ass

3h07m Shola Olatoye is asked if she lied. Refuses to Answer.
"Scandalous" "False Testimony"

3h39m no accountability

Tenant Association President
 tells NYCHA “No Heat, No Hot Water, No Rent”


From Astoria to Hunters Point, Find out Where Nazi Hang Out

LIC Employees of
New York Paving Inc
3718 Railroad Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
seen doing road work

 wearing Nazi imagery

ALONG with pro Trump advertisement.


Bloods Queensbridge Houses shooting victim dead

Perp may have fled into 41-11 Vernon Boulevard which NYPD photo shows may have have had an open lobby door. NYCHA has in past punished tenants by creating safety hazards, I.E.: leaving doors open. That door does NOT properly secure when tested.

Below spotted at Queensbridge Houses playground.


2016 Rapes surged by 20 percent in NYCHA projects. 25% of all NYC shootings happen in the projects

Queensbridge Sublets quote:

Then they took me to a safe house, an apartment in the projects where they kept their money, guns and ammo, all in a bunch of fireproof cases ...

Chilling photos reveal
the lives of junkies and dealers in NYC projects .

Who is subletting NYCHA apartments when they are vacated?

Want to rent a room in Queensbridge Houses?

Click HERE

If you want to sub-let an entire Queensbridge Houses apartment there are other places for listings. People legitimately wanting to pay their rent when having problems with the on-line system are told to ask other tenants for help.


Former NYCHA Police Officer Treated in Disgraceful Manner

See NYCHA Board Meeting Video HERE

Queensbridge Area Supermarkets

Queensbridge Fine Fare Supermarket flyer HERE

Trade Fair 36 Avenue flyer HERE

BEWARE: Trade Fair sometimes rings up regular price instead of sale price.

FORGET about Key Foods on 21 Street.
They don't carry all items in flyer.

Senior Discounts is available. See flyers

Warning to Senior Citizens shopping at

Queensbridge Houses supermarket:

Seniors lose their 5% Senior discount if they use ANY manufacturers' coupon. So if their groceries were to total $100.00 with a $5.00 Senior discount; Seniors LOSE their five dollar discount if they use a 30¢ manufacturer's coupon.

Jimmy Van Bramer Co-Sponsored Bill
 to Charge Plastic Bag Fee at Grocery Stores

How about discouraging people from buying water in throw-away bottles? Some restaurants refuse to give you tap water!

Bottles take more room than bags.

What's the story Jimmy?

What happened to the thousands of dollars in Queensbridge Tenant Association treasury that should have been turned over to April Simpson team?

At inauguration, Jimmy Van Bramer stated that all records should be turned over from old Board to new Board!

Jimmy, look into this!

Van Bramer has banned us from his Twitter feed

JVB ban
[Screen grab Photo Credit: Normandeau Newswire]

Queens Plaza South 5-story former Eagle Electric factory building to be demolished to make way for the construction of two 28 story residential towers with a total of 410 units a few feet away from #7 and N train tracks.

Will Van Bramer ask that trains no longer make noise there? He did that with LIRR in Hunters Point!

When 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center is replaced with luxury apartment buildings, what will happen to noisy #7 train there?

Will Van Bramer ask that #7 trains not run at night?

"Calling on the LIRR to 'End the Noise' with Long Island City Residents"

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Thinking of buying a Virgin phone?

They changed TOS to say:
"We may change any part of the Agreement at any time, including, but not limited to, rates..."

So buy an expensive phone and then rates may triple!

If you have a credit balance when you leave, Virgin confiscates it.


Whole Foods accused of 'routine' overcharging

 New York City Department of Consumer Affairs said about Whole Foods "Our inspectors tell me this is the worst case of mislabeling they have seen in their careers"

Hidden link to reports of side effects of Claritin.

Violence, suicidal thoughts and more, such as overly aggressive dealing with the public

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See Selena Blake's
"Queensbridge The Other Side"

the documentary about
Queensbridge Houses
Video info here
See if you recognize some of the residents.


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In NYPD Housing Bureau PSA 9,

the NCO sergeant is Sgt. Anthony Bruno.

NCOs for

Astoria Houses are Essence McDonald and Michael Roberts;

Ravenswood Houses, Levi Stewart and Tamisha Hoyte;

Queensbridge Houses Clyde Gabriel and Roland Matthews; and

Woodside Houses Kevin Healy and Jason Carman.


Jeffrey Epstein Still Alive?

A forensic pathologist hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother claimed that evidence suggested that body claimed to be Epstein did not die by suicide, but may have been strangled.

HUD Official Lynne Patton Pushed Hillary Conspiracy Theory

Was she trying to cover up for clever exfiltration? Jeffery Epstein may still be ALIVE… here’s why

"the night of his FIRST "suicide" attempt in July "
That "suicide" attempt may have just been a rehearsal for the exfiltration "suicide".
Was DNA done on dead body? Whose was it?

Is Jeffery Epstein still ALIVE? Exfiltrated by Trump Loyalists?
Mysterious bank Jeffrey Epstein created received millions after his death.NY Times Reports

We were sent below. Legit or hoax?

Ghislaine Maxwell knows where the Trump videos are


Gullible? Do you really believe new buildings will bring QB jobs? How many got from Center Blvd, Citigroup, Etc.?




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