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Updates on Yahoo problems below

Yahoo Heading Where?

Yahoo taxi
Probably graveyard of
Invention Factory BBS

Yahoo Outages Hourly Updates
Add your report!

can not delete

Yahoo keeps on putting important alerts in spam folder
not spam

Shocking Yahoo Email Security Flaw Disclosed on NYC Radio Show

Link to .MP3 of show
39 minutes into the show

Yahoo says "Unread".
When I click on it I get NO MESSAGE and instead get below
Unread message?

Yahoo offers "View your Yahoo Profile"
View YourProfile
See what happens when you make that choice
not available

technical glitch

unable to load

seems to be problem

Trying to delete, but can't
can not delete

Can not send no matter whar
Tried multiple times and got rejects, but when I looked at SENT folder it seems one did get sent!
Are they doing hard drugs at Yahoo?

Yahoo deteriorating
NOT same day as below

November B

November a


August 27

fetch error

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
Remote host said: 553 5.3.0 <mail-spoof@cc.yahoo-inc.com>... User unknown [RCPT_TO]
--- Below this line is a copy of the message.
attempted spoof report

cannot flag

Thursday 1

Thursday 2

Thursday 3

batch 3 of 3

batch 2 of 3

1 of 3

:Can not request:

Strange Mystery Error Message 14
Mystery error

can not save
Moderator can't save message after editing it

Problem loading

4/11/14 a

4/11/14 b

4/14/14 c

Firefox says Yahoo UNTRUSTED

Yahoo design obscures help[?] screen
Help hidden

march 29, 2014

New Security Problem with Yahoo
security problem

Another Android problem

error 4

Hidden HTML coding all of sudden started showing
hidden html shows

Valentine from Yahoo

Y error 18

Yahoo now screws up MY YAHOO Home Page!
Package Tracker module missing from
but still at http://ca.my.yahoo.com

  Another Yahoo Group screw up.
Yahoo gave us this message:
"We found 16 groups you are subscribed to by email only. Convert these to full membership with web access. Get started"
But we ALREADY have full web access!

  Yahoo saboteurs attacked "My Yahoo" page
Accustomed to seeing the weather temperature in Arabic numbers, but
Yahoo is now using Arabic alphabet for names of some cities!!
Yahoo using Arabic

Yahoo Group owner with HALF A MILLION MEMBERS leaves Yahoo

Read about Yahoo problems at:

Did you know, that before we started this web site we previously used

But Yahoo screwed up a couple of years ago, so we moved almost everything here.
There are still a few things to see at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hudnycha/,
including postings by a nationally know figure in Public Housing. When that person stops posting, that Yahoo Group probably will be deleted by us.

We have cut down on Emails received at Yahoo by AT LEAST 85%.
Y Email simply has become too annoying!
E.G.: We switched subscriptions from Yahoo to Gmail for
Sculpture Center
Greater Astoria Historical Society
Friend had complained that he had stopped using Yahoo Email due to "messages jumbled up." We suggested "I may be able to figure out how to untangle all those messages of yours". This would be to turn off conversation view. His final reply was
 "I do not use yahoo anymore"

@yahoomail has sunk to a new low.
While Yahoo is letting in mass spam to spam folder that
 Gmail would pre-emptively stop,
Yahoo sent following legitimate email to spam folder:
Welcome to the new Gmail inbox
"Gmail Team" <mail-noreply@google.com>

Yahoo sent 300,000 users every hour
to malware infected web sites!

a spammer was set to
no files allowed
but was still able to upload photos with spam content

Clicking on a Yahoo Group link gave us below
connected refused

Clicking on a Yahoo Group link gave us below
Neo 1
htNeo 2

Saturday tried to go to Yahoo Group and got this:
Neo server problem


See what happens when you click on [Delete]

Yahoo Email
MISSING: "Unread messages" tab
No unread tab

www.consumeraffairs.com reports on

The case of the vanishing Yahoo emails

Big December problem
Android phones can no longer sync email

A December Yahoo logo
inder bus
Throwing users under the bus

New Yahoo problem Wednesday
Wednesday Yahoo problem

On smart phone screen capture shown,
from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hudnycha/
Yahoo code sabotage allows analytics HTML to show that should be hidden
analystics html

Look what people get inside our auto-responder/vacation response:
<font face='Arial' size='2'><font face="Arial" size="2"><font face="Arial" size="2">This is an automatic response. <br><br>A personal response will come after we get a chance to find your Email amongst all the spam we get. <br><br>...</vbr></font></font></font>
Yes, all the HTML coding you see above

Tuesday Yahoo Email surprise
script problem

Monday Clicked on email message arrow and got below
Click on arrow

Sunday  November 10, 2013
started changing access to some Yahoo Groups so that only moderators can post messages. It has gotten too annoyingly tedious to ban serial spammers from Yahoo groups. Many extra steps to go through. Can't just ban from within spammers' messages.

Friday, tried to reply to a message and got this:
Can not reply

Wednesday problem
Can't move messages Yahoo said was spam
not spam
When I try to mark as [Not Spam], Yahoo wants to move to Spam Folder

Saturday: problems deleting Email

Friday Disturbing Problem

On Friday many people and I got minutes of a meeting where amongst other things, setting up web sites was discussed. Based on my knowledge and experience I wrote a lengthy reply with suggestions covering multiple points. I attempted to "reply to all". When trying to send, this is what Yahoo Email gave me:
not sent
Clicking [Back] did NOT bring me back to my message, but rather a BLANK message space. Not trusting Yahoo, prior to clicking [Send] I had done a
"Select All, Copy". I then pasted my treatise in a blank Gmail compose page. I was able to copy all the recipients email addresses from the message that had been sent to me.

There were many recipients, maybe 168,
mainly local leaders in health care, politics [.gov Etc.], community groups, education. Most or all public speakers and opinion makers.
I added to the Gmail version:
"Remove Yahoo Email address for me as Y EM has become unreliable".
I clicked on [Send] and Gmail gave me:
Gmail sent
No problem, no waiting hours to retry.

Brand new error
Friday evening

New Thursday error
new Thursday error
"troubleshooting instruction"!!!!!!! Why doesn't Yahoo try them?

After editing message
After editing message this is what happened!

Clicking on a folder gives results for another folder.

No [NEXT] button to go to next message without deleting
current one in Neo Basic

@yahoomail -no longer move to next message after delete in basic

Messages much slower to load with new Yahoo Email

Monday October 21, could not delete a message, kept getting below
Can't delete
Message would not go away

New problem with @yahoomail -can't mark messages as NOT SPAM
not spam

Gmail does NOT cut off on rights side
Gmail does not cutt off

Yahoo Email cuts off on right side
Yahoo cuts off
See how #RIPyahoo may have sent your confidential info to strangers

Here is what happened when trying to post to a Yahoo Group
Group post problem

Yahoo Groups usage is falling as shown below
YG survey
As of Saturday October 12, 2013, polls can NOT be closed/ended.
Even by person who created it. See below
never end

After an Email message has been deleted and sent to trash folder, the [Back} key can no longer retrieve it.

Some Email has to be scrolled sideways to see all.

Can not sort by subject.

Up and Down arrows often don't work in Email messages

Yahoo sends notification for updates of Groups that may not exist as below
Non existant Group?

Yahoo Email problem first noticed October 1, 2013
Truncated Email
We had been deleting messages thinking that only black space was truncated. Then we clicked "Show Full Message" and found important info was being hidden.

Space bar no longer scrolls email messages

Can't find email to respond

Folder won't open
Sometimes when clicking on in box, I got "Checking".
Tab said I had mail there.
But all I got was "Checking".

Could NOT open email folder.
This can happen even when we know that there are messages in folder.

On some folders nothing happens.

Yahoo may say you are using outdated Operating System or Browser

We are using combo of top rated in each screen cap below.

Below shows what operating systems are used to access http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hudnycha/
Browser usage
Yahoo Customer Care may try to tell you that you are using an unsupported operating system. WinXP is Microsoft supported until AT LEAST February 2014!!

Below shows what browsers are used to access http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hudnycha/
YG browser usage

Altho we are letting http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hudnycha/ slowly die on the vine, we help moderate a handful of Yahoo Groups for someone else,.

Now Yahoo is screwing things up again.

Yahoo has changed Email and Yahoo Group formatting.

Or, Syrian Electronic Army sabotage of Yahoo?

Infiltration by #SEA members?

Spam that should be stopped before getting to user Email boxes is not being thwarted.

Some users still using Yahoo Groups see less ads as they use Ad Blocker Plus to disable flashing ads that are bothersome..

Messages that show as being in a folder, E.G.:
when clicked upon, disappear
pahnto gone

When going from one mail box item to another, the successive email may be positioned with top half too high up to read. See below.
Half way up msg

We have also gotten "Loading is taking longer than usual. Retry "

Attempting to post well formatted messages in Yahoo Groups may get ruined by all line breaks and paragraph breaks being removed. Result is one big unpleasant blog of text.

Moderators selecting "Reject" message and wanting to state why, will find message disappearing before their very eyes without chance to comment

Yahoo promises removal within 24 hours, after links have been cut to clipboard, but that has not worked for many months.

Yahoo Group may say
Activity within 7 days:
"3 New Messages - 1 New Photo"
but when you click on 1 New Photo, Yahoo says
"(There are no new photos at this time.)"http://www.smugmug.com/photos/i-cwNBNJ8/0/S/i-cwNBNJ8-S.jpg

Trying to read Group messages may say "moderator only" in one instance and
be readable in another, and back and forth with this, multiple times.
Tried groups.yahoo.com/mygroups on smart phone. Changes to neo something and nothing will load.

Can't sort
Can't sort by top of column anymore. Now have extra step of selecting category first

Short list height
Doesn't seem to have as many message subjects as before neo. Short height of subjects window?

Line with delete
See line with "Delete"
But if you go far down a lengthy message, delete option will no longer show:
Delete line no longer shows
Line with "Delete" tab goes up too high up

Polls created by Groups moderators can not be closed. Some moderators may want to send out results of polls before deleting their Groups.

Stock trades, comparing
How come, so many Yahoo shares trades VS Google shares
but Google has gone to over $1,000 but Yahoo is remaining stable?
Is Yahoo being artificially propped up?
We know nothing about the stock market
 and do not own any stock, but we are curious!

Make Big Money Fast

Become a Yahoo security bug bounty hunter