Did you miss September NYCHA

FY18 Annual Plan Public Hearing?

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NYCHA Whistle-blower speaks.

Privatization and Queensbridge mentioned.

Queensbridge Monday September 18, 2017 big success

Sept 18, 2017
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Justice For All Coalition    www.J4AC.us

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Justice For All Coalition
PO Box 6574, Astoria,  NY  11106

woodsideherald.com = See how Re-Zoning Screws Existing Inhabitants HERE

CityViews: We Have to Talk About Gentrification in Long Island City

It Happened: Federal Rent Subsidies Left and $400 Rents Rose to $2000

Video Exposé: Gentrification Express; Breaking Down the BQX

Nice networking at LIC Core Study Community Event

Thursday September 28

LIC core event


Jimmy Van Bramer

 shows his support at Justice For All Rally


many more pix at www.J4AC.us photos department

Have you heard about new

Ultra Low Income affordable housing?


Recent Justice For All meeting big success

with book
Photo Credit: Rita Normandeau
Tom Angotti wrote the book ZONED OUT
Zoned out

"Gentrification and displacement of low-income communities of color are major issues in New York City and the city’s zoning policies are a major cause. Race matters but the city ignores it when shaping land use and housing policies. The city promises “affordable housing” that is not truly affordable. Zoned Out! shows how this has played in Williamsburg, Harlem and Chinatown, neighborhoods facing massive displacement of people of color. "

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African Burial Ground Project Will Have Some Units for Extremely Low Income Families

Long Island City - NYC Planning, Google Search Results HERE

PDF:Community Service Society www.cssny.org PUBLIC HOUSING: NEW YORK’S THIRD CITY MARCH 2017 by Victor Bach

Regional Plan Association: Brooklyn needs more housing, transit projects like BQX

Five Rezoning Concerns of the Rockaway Land Use Committee
By Abigail Savitch-Lew

Brooklyn Heights Train-wrecked! Transit pundits pan streetcar at Heights panel.   By Lauren Gill Brooklyn Paper March 1, 2017

Transit Experts, Brooklyn Heights Residents Skeptical Of BQX
By William Engel February 28, 2017

Queens officials want to change how the state determines affordability for housing projects Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How gentrified are New York’s Next Hot Neighborhoods?
Feb 17, 2017,

Is Sunnyside Yards a Beacon of Affordable Housing and New Development? Perhaps.
By Terence Cullen   Feb. 15, 2017

Did you miss February 6, 2017 City Planning zoning meeting?
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BQX Telephone Conference News:

50% more time consuming than subway

BQX factsheer

Nolan Meets Justice For All Coalition

Shockers at Gentrification Tour

Will you be forced out?


BQX  to cater to high priced rentals in Hunters Point

Tax Abatements for fake "affordable" apartments

Could Queensbridge supermarket be turned into a VERY HIGH PRICED supermarket to cater to new area neighbors?

shocker 2
shock 1

Queensbridge Houses Frustration and Concerns Voiced at Long Island City Rezoning Workshop

THURSDAY June 29, 2017 Press Coverage + Photo from March and Rally June 22, 2017, here

June 5, 2017 J4AC meeting big success.

Standing room only.


NYCHA Board Meetings and Annual Plan Videos


They are usually ready a day or so after the event

http://gothamist.com REPORTS

NYCHA Embraces Private Development To Fight

 'Financial Death Spiral'

all for you

QB South

NYCHA tenants will be put in hotel rooms

while tenant apartments are rehabbed?

Rockaways welfare hotels?

We saw documentary
"70 Acres in Chicago": Cabrini Green

Cabrini Green Public Housing Tenants were moved out and given Section 8 vouchers.
 SOME were allowed to move into new apartments.
Some Market Rate
Some "Affordable"
Some for Public Housing Section 8 tenants.
 Documentary described terms that had to be met to get new apartment.

If you live in Queensbridge Houses SOUTH, you live in Queens Plaza Zone

Do it yourself

Conference/Chat Line


Free anonymous call-in conference rooms.
No registration.
No fuss.

Set up a time with your neighbors

Set up a time with those you wish to have a conference with

We can advertise it here

Zone study

Core study (in red zone)

Long Island City’s

thousands of incoming apartments,




WHY?: To Protest Severe Trump Cuts to the HUD Budget.

The NYC part of the national march is being organized by Community Voices Heard and NYC Communities for Change.


Participants will come together in Washington at 12 noon at

The Lutheran Church of the Reformation

212 East Capitol Street, NE

Join Senator Elizabeth Warren and other elected officials!


RESIDENTS needing help with obtaining or finding busses to Washington, or with logistics for the day, should contact:

Celia Weaver, NY Communities for Change



Gabe Strachota, Community Voices Heard



(212) 860-6001, ext. 28

(347) 891-3261

VIC BACH, Community Service Society

Family of Student Killed by NYPD Patrol Car at Queensbridge Houses Receives $500k settlement from the City

Poor New Yorkers need the BQX streetcar

From New York Daily News

Opposing: Scathing City Hall memo debunks de Blasio's promises on Brooklyn-Queens streetcar funding

What will Donald Trump’s budget mean for NYCHA?

Senior Planet

Press Coverage Mentioning

 Justice for All Coalition

http://www.qgazette.com Report of March 27, 2017 Meeting

http://www.qgazette.com Justice For All By Thomas Cogan 2017-03-22 / Front Page

Thursday February 2, 2017
City Planners in LIC Must Contend With Flaws
in Bloomberg-Era Rezoning

By Abigail Savitch-Lew
...if there are displacement risks to rezoning, they would be disproportionately borne by low-income communities of color...

 Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Long Island City residents are wary of city plans to rezone part of their neighborhood
 By Angela Matua
"Mary McClary, a member of the Justice for All Coalition and Ravenswood Houses resident..."

January 30, 2017
Anti-gentrification groups prepare for city’s rezoning push in Long Island City
By Bill Parry
"..DCP will introduce its “LIC Core Neighborhood Plan” and discuss the study which aims to examine key land use and zoning issues in the neighborhoods."

December 12, 2016 Western Queens Gazette story HERE

November 17, 2016 >Western Queens Gazette story HERE


NYCHA Board Meeting Mentions Privatization "26 Developments"

http://www.wsj.com reports "NY Housing Authority Bringing Private Investors Into Far Rockaways Project"

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Other local events may be placed below.

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"Justice for All" Housing

2016 meeting at Queensbridge Houses was a big success. US Rep Maloney was a meeting no-show.
 Here is a Sunday video of Maloney with her Jackson Heights constituents.

Read about "Justice for All" and Queensbridge Houses HERE

Op Ed by Patricia Dorfman

Monday night’s rain and strong winds kept most sensible people home in Queens, but about 75 members of Justice for All Coalition (JFAC) and other visitors concerned about physical changes ripping through Queens in a way mirroring the weather, made it to Jacob A. Riis Community Center in LIC to hear guest Elizabeth Yeampierre, civil rights lawyer, prominent environmental activist and Executive Director of UPROSE.

Yeampierre, of heritage including Puerto Rican and African-American, heads Brooklyn’s UPROSE in Sunset Park and strongly opposes the Brooklyn Queens Connector (BQX) streetcar proposal for the East River coast. She was blunt about the downsides of the $2.5+ billion city non-MTA proposal, to be paid for long term by the property taxes on luxury high-rises to be built along nearby.


Yeampierre warned, “It will leave us second-class citizens in our communities surrounded by wealthy people with no stores we can afford…talk to residents of Chelsea public housing to see if promises to them were kept or the development has improved their lives…They are now fringe residents in their own communities…this is taking your land and selling it back to you.”

She explained that Friends of BQX is financed by large real estate interests who hired three top public relations firms to allegedly create the appearance of community support – in order allegedly to build luxury towers, which would displace residents and small business, and have a negative coastal environmental impact – when MTA buses could be added to provide better and cheaper transit.

It was suggested that the $2.5 billion is an under estimate, and that in other cities such as Baltimore, where a smaller streetcar was built, the cost was upwards of $6 billion and left the communities around it worse off. And if we have those funds, why not spend for other sorely needed items?

Some attendees had been wrongly led to believe that the project was a “done deal,” and that residents needed foremost make to sure that their homes were protected and that at least some benefit could be had. A highly respected president of one the larger public housing tenant associations (TA) noted the recent press release adding the TA presidents now listed as Friends of BQX were the result of promised and substantial commitments which she passionately stated she would ensure would occur and no one had doubt of her commitment.

Hosting for and Chair of JFAC, Dr. Diane Brown, who ran the meeting, which begins and ends the JFAC gatherings with prayers, and includes a shout back of “what do we want?” – answered by heartfelt “justice for all!” were soothing interludes for all in a room of diverse Queens residents, including anti-gentrification groups Jobs, Homes, Hoods, (with which this writer is affiliated), Queens Neighborhood United, Artists Studio Affordability Project, Queens Is Not for Sale, and TakeBackNYC, but all worried about the future and hoping for guidance.


Dr. Brown said the group would also hear from Friends of BQX before making final recommendations, and the JFAC meetings were held to listen, read, research and then decide together. A list of community needs was read was shared by JFAC Secretary Kimberly Hutchinson, including proposed necessary conditions so far should the project go forward.


A Queens Community Board 1 member in attendance emphasized the need to attend all nearby CB meetings, and to gather succinctly exact wishes and complaints and submit in writing so that CB’s could make educated decisions based on clear community wishes.


A Tenant Association president said the only way to stop the BQX or proposed LIC rezoning was if all public houses along the route stood together, using their massive votes and voices as one, getting out the vote, but that that has been a difficult task in the past.


Indeed, the public housing votes here are essential to candidates getting and staying in office and residents seemingly hold the key in their hands to whether real estate development forces will take Queens from us.

This author and others wish we had known 15 years ago, prior to rezoning, BID formations, zoning amendments and other tools which can be used for good, but can also be used to overdevelop where we live and work to make billions by others, bringing in richer people without infrastructure needed by us and future residents. It is happening right now. But saying “no” is absolutely possible by unity and use of our vote.

Infrastructure means the parks, sky, clean air, schools, sewers, public transit where a crisis of inadequacy exists right now. We ask that city plan first not last what is just and good for all in the long term, growth, housing, business, jobs, the economy, coast safety, people, health, children, seniors, the poor, actual affordable housing, safety, bearable population density and quality of life.

Two immensely significant proposals are up for public review, the ongoing BQX, and the rezoning of Long Island City. On January 31, LIC rezoning is going to be described in a hearing. While it sounds implausible, there is no doubt it could be stopped in its tracks if all of us stood together and asked that a plan for growth is formed starting with speaking to us – not the City spending years on it and then springing it on us.


It is not up to “them,” it is up to us. There is no “inevitable” to this tsunami of overdevelopment or a “they” who run NYC unless we allow it. Big real estate and financial interests mostly out of our sight still need those we elect to vote for measures and budgets which make it legal to take Queens from us. Nothing is a done deal unless we are silent and give up our vote.

We need strong leadership right now from our electeds and we need to give clear feedback. A few years of the Small Business Jobs Survival Act/SBJSA is a way to keep mom & pops open. In other areas where “gentrification” has occurred, meaning now mostly high income residents with small business and former residents displaced, even the new richer residents complain they have no grocery stores as retail becomes so expensive only chains and bank can afford the rents.


Speculation is common with "high rent blight.” Everywhere in NYC, properties are emptied and left vacant by speculators waiting for a bigger sale price; residents and little stores gone leaving empty space.

It is with our vote and voices and the unity of understanding we are in this together citywide that we can – despite our frequent feelings of helplessness, despair, being the last to be consulted – control our land, our landscape, our homes, our boroughs, our city, our lives, and our destiny.